Saturday, 18 April 2009

A round up after a non-commital blog period....

I've just noticed that my last blog entry was Upper Cave, with references to the eluding Glen Clova. Which I visited shortly after, but as this was a few months ago now, I'm going to keep this brief and let the photo's do the talking.

I will say however, that leading Wandered (much talked up by Martin) that day was an awesome experience and quite a reminder of why I'm in love with Clova and was tempted by a move to Dundee (I even had a job interview in the name of this, held in a room called Clova, but alas it wasn't to be). At HVS 5a it's towards the peak of my ability, and yet I felt nothing but exhiliration when climbing it, and heaps of anticipation at the bottom. It's just a fantastic combination of fine moves, bomber gear and a touch of exposure.

Then there's spring 2009 to review, with less (if any) photo's to hand.

Outdoors speaking, this has so far included Rosyth Quarry, Dovecotes in Northumberland and Polney. The rustiness is gradually easing off and it feels good to be placing gear again. However, much to be worked on, especially bouldering-type moves. Dovecotes was a really interesting day (firstly both cars nearly never made it) for highlighting that there's certain moves I just don't do, like rock overs and top outs. These need some attention over the next few months.

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